Wednesday, 27 August 2014

International Food Festival

In England, we have a n 'International food festival' every year, often during the summer holidays where foods from different parts of the world are sold in specific towns and this year it was very exciting, especially because food is my passion and passion is my food haha.

So now it has basically become a family tradition to go with my loved ones to town and have a look around the exotic, mouthwatering and fascinating stalls that are opened and the skills people from different countries use whilst creating stunning dishes.

Pizza was a main stall of attraction and many people hovered around the Italian stall that sold a range of pizzas which looked delectable and smelt so cheesy and all in all pure amazing. 

This time I went to the sweet snack stalls where an array of colourful cupcakes, Turkish delights and backlavas and many more foods were being served. The sun was out and everyone seemed to be having a good ol' time munching on their foods! definitely recommend visiting a food festival as the experience for me has always been great!

Now I would like to leave you with a few pictures which I took on the day :)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Wardrobe Makeover | Sliding Doors

As I type this blog there's just a few days left till I finally move out and so most of my Friday was spent packing and unpacking boxes of clothes to the new house which I was super excited about. Firstly, my new wardrobe is A LOT bigger and rather spacious then my previous fitted in wardrobe which was quite small but this time I opted for a 3 door sliding wardrobe which a cute little (smaller then I expected it to be) work desk. 
At start I was quite hesitant to purchase a sliding wardrobe as it just wasn't for me, I thought at the time but due to my parents request I decided to go ahead with it and place the order. Believe it or not, as exciting as 'moving house' seems it can be quite stressful at times especially if your managing the builders so don't expect it to go like a walk in the park because trust me it's not!
So what seemed to be like forever, my wardrobe was finally made and I decided to go for 'PURE WHITE' glass panels on both sides and the center door being a 'SILVER GLASS' mirrored door, which once it was all complete looked very classy and elegant, just how I wanted it to be. In the planning design a few shelves were placed for tops, 2 drawers and many top shelves for miscellaneous items and quite a few poles to hang long, flowy dresses as they can be quite the task to fold and maintain in a neat, tidy way. 
I am so far very happy with the look of my interior  in my new room as the colour theme is very calm and fancy which I opted for but to spice it up a tad bit I will be doing more DIY's (mostly Tumblr) ones to give the extra bit of mysteriousness to my room and hopefully add some fairy lights when I finally settled in.   
I would definitely recommened sliding wardrobes especially if you're going down the new, modern look to your house but try to ensure that your plans are the correct measurements and also invest in good builders who can carry out the tasks even if you have to pay a tad bit more, you'll have a peace of mind by the end of it. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Storing My Accessories

I've recently been shifting my accessories left and right as for those of you who know how hectic moving can be, therefore I decided to come up with new and presentable storage ideas where my accessories are not locked inside drawers but rather are on display and so i can make the most use out of them. 

Wanting to keep everything under budget, I shuffled through my kitchen cupboards just to pass past a stack of Mason jars, realising that they are going big this year and can be used in so many ways hence I decided to use the jars to place various bracelets and necklaces in and the fact that the jars are transparent makes them great and easy to be a part of a bedroom accessory with the colours shining through. 

To spice up the jars a tad bit more i dipped a precise brush into pink paint and drew specks of lines across the jars to give extra glam and stuck gems around to give a some sparkle. The end result of the storage jars were fantastic and a great way to utilise  jewelry which doesn't often get used. You can also store watches, hair- bands, rings and other bits and bobs too! 
If you find mason jars small and not wide in size then a good alternative is ferrero rocher plastic containers, they make good storage spaces and are transparent also so results in being quite handy.  

I hope you enjoyed this cute, little way of how I store my accessories and I hope you recreate these ideas too.

Love of love, Summaya :)