Wednesday, 27 August 2014

International Food Festival

In England, we have a n 'International food festival' every year, often during the summer holidays where foods from different parts of the world are sold in specific towns and this year it was very exciting, especially because food is my passion and passion is my food haha.

So now it has basically become a family tradition to go with my loved ones to town and have a look around the exotic, mouthwatering and fascinating stalls that are opened and the skills people from different countries use whilst creating stunning dishes.

Pizza was a main stall of attraction and many people hovered around the Italian stall that sold a range of pizzas which looked delectable and smelt so cheesy and all in all pure amazing. 

This time I went to the sweet snack stalls where an array of colourful cupcakes, Turkish delights and backlavas and many more foods were being served. The sun was out and everyone seemed to be having a good ol' time munching on their foods! definitely recommend visiting a food festival as the experience for me has always been great!

Now I would like to leave you with a few pictures which I took on the day :)

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