Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Storing My Accessories

I've recently been shifting my accessories left and right as for those of you who know how hectic moving can be, therefore I decided to come up with new and presentable storage ideas where my accessories are not locked inside drawers but rather are on display and so i can make the most use out of them. 

Wanting to keep everything under budget, I shuffled through my kitchen cupboards just to pass past a stack of Mason jars, realising that they are going big this year and can be used in so many ways hence I decided to use the jars to place various bracelets and necklaces in and the fact that the jars are transparent makes them great and easy to be a part of a bedroom accessory with the colours shining through. 

To spice up the jars a tad bit more i dipped a precise brush into pink paint and drew specks of lines across the jars to give extra glam and stuck gems around to give a some sparkle. The end result of the storage jars were fantastic and a great way to utilise  jewelry which doesn't often get used. You can also store watches, hair- bands, rings and other bits and bobs too! 
If you find mason jars small and not wide in size then a good alternative is ferrero rocher plastic containers, they make good storage spaces and are transparent also so results in being quite handy.  

I hope you enjoyed this cute, little way of how I store my accessories and I hope you recreate these ideas too.

Love of love, Summaya :)



  1. Beautifully done! I may have to get some of those Ferrero rocher containers.
    Sabina x

    1. Yes those Ferrero Rocher containers are life hehe :)