Friday, 15 August 2014

Wardrobe Makeover | Sliding Doors

As I type this blog there's just a few days left till I finally move out and so most of my Friday was spent packing and unpacking boxes of clothes to the new house which I was super excited about. Firstly, my new wardrobe is A LOT bigger and rather spacious then my previous fitted in wardrobe which was quite small but this time I opted for a 3 door sliding wardrobe which a cute little (smaller then I expected it to be) work desk. 
At start I was quite hesitant to purchase a sliding wardrobe as it just wasn't for me, I thought at the time but due to my parents request I decided to go ahead with it and place the order. Believe it or not, as exciting as 'moving house' seems it can be quite stressful at times especially if your managing the builders so don't expect it to go like a walk in the park because trust me it's not!
So what seemed to be like forever, my wardrobe was finally made and I decided to go for 'PURE WHITE' glass panels on both sides and the center door being a 'SILVER GLASS' mirrored door, which once it was all complete looked very classy and elegant, just how I wanted it to be. In the planning design a few shelves were placed for tops, 2 drawers and many top shelves for miscellaneous items and quite a few poles to hang long, flowy dresses as they can be quite the task to fold and maintain in a neat, tidy way. 
I am so far very happy with the look of my interior  in my new room as the colour theme is very calm and fancy which I opted for but to spice it up a tad bit I will be doing more DIY's (mostly Tumblr) ones to give the extra bit of mysteriousness to my room and hopefully add some fairy lights when I finally settled in.   
I would definitely recommened sliding wardrobes especially if you're going down the new, modern look to your house but try to ensure that your plans are the correct measurements and also invest in good builders who can carry out the tasks even if you have to pay a tad bit more, you'll have a peace of mind by the end of it. 

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