Tuesday, 22 July 2014

DIY Personalised Gem Mug

Hello my lovelies! 
Hope your having a great day during this extremely hot summer month. As you may or may not already know that I will be moving soon later on in the month, so with a new bedroom comes a heck of a lot of DIY accessories to jam up and gives some character to the new space I'll soon be having. 

This time I came up with a 'Personalised DIY Gem Mug'. This is a great and easy way to make any room in the house feel cosy and comfy I believe. So here's how you'll be making the DIY and it really takes less then 5 minutes and nothing fancy is required. 

So you will be starting off with a plain mug which you can find at any crafts shop such a hobbycraft or even the pound shop I think, or you can start with a pre- letter cup just like I have. You want to start by painting the initial of your first name of the very center of the mug on the front side and then similarly repeat the same process on the back of the mug so the initial is visible. 

Then you just want to let that dry and then choose any sort of embelishment, I chose silver gems which I purchased from Amazon but they are also easily available at any craft shop. If your feeling a tad bit more adventurous you can also opt for some cute little pom poms, colourful bows basically anything that would add a bit of glam to the mug. 

Start by sticking the embellishments onto the mug with a strong glue, I actually used paint which I already had and created little dots where I would've like the gem to stay.Work your way around the mug and then leave the embellishments to stick so they are nice and firm once the glue has dried. 

And there it is! Your very own personalised DIY mug, which you can locate on your dressing table or place near a feature wall. This also makes a great gift, you can alter the initial to whoever you are making the gift for and prehaps stash the mug with a variety of chocolates and whatever you wish! The choices are endless. I store my makeup brushes in the mug and it gives a very classy and elegant feel.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. What a cute idea! I wouldn’t have thought of making personalised mugs with gems but I love it! Will have to see how practical it is but I want to give this a try :)

    1. Yay! It's a cute little ornament. Thanks for trying this out :)