Thursday, 24 July 2014

Fasting In The Month of Ramadhan

2014 Ramadhan has come pretty quick and now seen as though I am typing this blog and there's literally 3/4 final days of Ramadhan it's fair to say that it has passed by ever so quickly which I was definitely not expecting at the very start when Ramadhan was commencing. So this year Ramadhan is in the summer holidays and along with the incredible heatwave England is currently going through surprisingly the fasts are going pretty fluently and is bearable which is a good thing. I love Ramadhan so just a month before or so I was ever so excited and couldn't hold my excitement in. The feeling of Ramadhan is just something truly indescribable and the peacefully and the contented atmosphere is just so beautiful and something which I love and awe. 

My favourite thing about Ramadhan? Well there's so much about Ramadhan which I love and one of them being is prayer, just praying the Qura'an in this blessed month makes me feel really happy for some reason and not only that but also praying with my family members just creates such a peacefully atmosphere and a happy & loving mood. 

So this Ramadhan my goal was to pray and basically dedicate everything to God and reflect on my character and pause for a minute (or should I say a month) and just all in all change myself for the better because there's always some room for improvement, right? Hence in this month I have spent a lot of my time helping around the house, with family and just enjoying Ramadhan before it leaves. It makes me sad to think that this holy month is nearing an end and the thought just makes me teary but I pray that I get to experience Ramadhan again next year IA.

Here's a few pictures of what I have had for Iftar time (when the fast is broken and sunset). I have been indulging in treats here and there but I have also been eating a heck of a lot of watermelon because its so tasty in season and doesn't make me feel stuffed. 

I hope the last few days of Ramadhan go by well and I pray for the people of Palestine, Gaza & Syria and hope people all around the world are enjoying life and have no grief, alhamdulillah we are so fortunate to have friends, food and a loving family and also knowing that at sunset we are certain to know that food for us is definite and available yet unfortunately there are still poor, helpless people in the corners of the world who will never know when they will next eat food or shelter, so be considerate of others and remember everyone in your duaa's :)

I really enjoyed typing this post, it brings a smile onto my face just to think and share about something positive.
Lots of love,

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