Saturday, 6 August 2016

Empty Perfume bottles!

Getting inspiration to write this post was very easy as me and my mum were rummaging through her bedroom on a summer cleaning spree that's when we discovered the large quantity of empty perfume bottles accumulated over the years.

This is when I thought it would be a shame to bin all the fancy, high-end and VERY EXPENSIVE bottles! It would be a fantastic idea if employers at The perfume shop, The fragrance shop, Boots, Avon, Jo Malone or any stores which sell fragrances to accept and welcome empty bottles so they can be reused. This would definitely be much more eco-friendly and help the environment significantly. Their should be some type of reward for the customer for every empty fragrance bottle they return such as 50% off their next selected fragrance or.. a free scent after returning 10 bottles...? Something which can motivate customers to return the bottles to be reused by the company they have purchased from. This is just one simple idea which all us beauty lovers can do to make our own contribution in society, the ideas are endless!!
Hope you enjoyed reading this very short but sweet blog post!

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