Monday, 7 July 2014

I'll Meet You in Paris- Wattpad Edition

Hello blog reader! I hope your doing well :)

This blog features what I have recently been loving to do in my summer break and that is... Wattpad!! Wohoo! :D I love reading books on Wattpad because no.1 who doesn't love a bit of romance or even thriller and no.2 they're are truly some awesome authors or 'authors to be' out there.  
So many months ago I decided to create my own story on Wwattpad and due to all the exams and stuff I've sucked at it TBH and so I thought now's the time to put a bit more effort into it and I've become ADDICTED (Yikes!)

So my story is 'I'll Meet you in Paris' It's a romance, lovey dovey story but is about a teenage girl, Ashley who possibly finds love on the interent?... sounds a tad bit creepy but i assure you it's a good laugh, with ther bestie 'James' who's chracter is inspired by Stiles from Teen Wolf (Yayyy) Like who doesn't like Dylan O'brien? He's so amazing.

So here's a glimpse of my profile.

This is the cover of my story. It obviously has to have Dylan O' brien on the cover, he's sooo cute! So far 4 chapters have been published and I've planned more to come, especially in the holidays.

Dylan..(Casually stating his first name) Dylan O'brien stars as James whom is Ashleys' bestie.

Jake, the stranger Ashley meets online is played by the gorgeous Ryan Guzman. 

Finally Ashley's character is played by the beautiful Lucy Hale.

It would be incredible if you could check out my story, it's my very first and so far you guys have liked it. Be sure to vote it and comment your thoughts and share.
Also I would just like to put it out there that... all the characters are completely fictional and I have come up with them through my imagination, I have put my very own twist to make the story special and different from anything you have ever come across. This story is not inspired or affiliated with me. 

Thanks for reading! 

Love Summaya :)

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