Monday, 30 June 2014

No Introduction Needed..?

Hello readers! I'm Summaya... Summaya Ali and I've been thinking of creating a blog for quite a while now so I guess here's my very first attempt which I hope to publish too :)
So what inspired me to create a blog? Hmm well for me its not really that difficult as I feel as though I'm surrounded by inspirational and motivating people all the time and seen as though I spend pretty much 99% of my time on the internet 90% YouTube haha, I love watching Zoella, Pointlessblog, Sprinkleofglitter, Marcus Butler, Mylifeaseva, Jim & Tan, Lifelongpercussion, Dinatokio and the list goes on.. 
Hence I thought I should probably make some good use of my time and therefore decided to write (or shall I say 'type') a blog. I've previously written past blogs for an online school rewards company called VIVO and it was pretty cool and they liked it so why not start my own webpage?! Right!

This year I've focused on being healthy. At the very start i admit it was very very difficult but I can definitely say that I feel 100% happier and fitter. Blogilates here on YouTube has great videos on health and fitness, so you should probably check them out!

In April I flew to Turkey for the Easter holidays and it was a great way to release all the stress from the GCSE exams which i was taking. I stayed in the city Marmaris at Green nature resort and spa hotel which FYI is superb and caters excellent food. My mouth waters just from thinking of it haha but it was a great experience and there were many activities to partake in which was super cool.

The hotel served fresh food everyday resulting in a variety of desserts, the backlava is by far my favourite! The food is so fresh and organic but surprisingly tasty! Even the huge range of salads took me by surprise. 

And when a teenage girl goes on holiday, what does she do??? Yep a lot of shopping damage haha. I bought a pair of Burberry trainers which fir perfectly, quite a few T-shirts and pretty much everything! The highlight of my trip to turkey was probably having a relaxing Turkish bath, it was so soothing and all in all incredible. Oh and if you do decide to go Turkey you should definitely go on the excursions; I went on a boat trip to a local place and also went mud biking which was great fun.

Along with the holiday comes a bundle of exams which surprisingly when well! Try revising at least a few months before the exam to ensure you are fully prepared on the arrival day and give it your all. My personal way of revising which helped me the most was to re-read every note but everyone is different so try out different methods of revising to know which suites you best! Oh and that cupcake, my maths teacher gave me :) It feels so goods once all the exams are over so always try your best before its too late.

Hope you enjoyed my very first blog, it feels weird to say that haha. Have an awesome day :) 

Love, Summaya

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