Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Defeating Exams!

Another 'short' blog...  woopsy :)

The exam season for me has consisted of waking up at sunrise to cram most of my revision and I would highly not recommend this method so to ensure you are fully prepared it's always best to start your revision off two months before hand to fully understand everything and this also reduces the stress before the exam.

Moreover, I love learning by reading and understanding the text book thoroughly so I create colourful notes using pens and highlighters to make learning fun and to keep me going. There are many methods of revising and for each person the type varies so make sure you find with way suites you best! Another tip prior to exams is that don't forget to eat and drink plenty, sometimes you can be to caught up in revision and can easily lose track of time so it's always best to keep a water bottle with you and a few snacks to supply you with enough energy and to stop you from dozing off.

Having a positive way of thinking as to how well the exam can go if you revise will enhance your performance and reduce the stress levels so I definitely recommend preparing yourself and take it nice & easy!

Treating yourself after the dreadful examination series is a must! So here I go shopping ;D

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